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Our 10,000 word paper on specialisation and fragmentation in construction has been summarised in a short animation. Created by Boyle & Perks, it provides a great overview of the key messages from our paper. I'm proud to have led the delivery of both the paper and this animation. 

Following a couple of years of research, we've had our first journal paper published from the Transforming Construction Network +. Entitled "Addressing specialization and fragmentation: product platform development in construction consultancy firms" it explores how construction can become more like manufacturing by being a little clearer with roles.

We've been working with the very talented animators at Boyle & Perks to develop two short films exploring the work we've been doing on the Transforming Construction Network +. The first animation, led by my colleague at Imperial, Dr Luigi Mosca, is another look at how platforms can be used in construction. You can watch by clicking the link below.

Early in 2021, I was engaged to look at how we can accelerate the uptake of PAS 2080, the Infrastructure sector's carbon management process specification. The study is proceeding at pace, and uses desk-based research, surveys, interviews and workshops to diagnose the challenges in adoption, and develop an actionable plan for Infrastructure clients and their supply chains.  

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