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Thanks for dropping by.  I'm Kell Jones.


I'm currently a Research Fellow at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction at UCL. Working on a project exploring digital transformation in construction, I'm using my innate curiosity to explore and describe the ongoing changes in the construction sector.




Publications, etc.

By clicking the 'publications' button below you can access links to publications, blog posts and any other announcements.


My outputs explore - among other things - how to address climate change, deliver resource efficiency through innovation, and the gamificaiton of the circular economy.


I may occasionally wander into digital matters, economics, and politics too.


Contact me...


I'm always happy to speak to people who would like to explore interesting and new things. In particular, sustainability, construction, innovation and good restaurants.


If you have any queries or would like to get in touch about consulting opportunities, please contact me:

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