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The latest project that I've been engaged on is looking to acclerate the uptake of PAS 2080, the Infrastructure sector's carbon management process specification. The study is proceeding at pace, and uses desk-based research, surveys, interviews and workshops to diagnose the challenges in adoption, and develop an actionable plan for Infrastructure clients and their supply chains.  

More than a year after we started work on it, we're finally able to share some of the work we've been doing with Atkins, the BRE and Homes England. This long-term project has been established to develop the evidence base to support the link between pre-manufactured value, and a range of benefits that should be of interest to the housing sector.  You can find a brief overview of the project at the Homes England site. 

The fourth Digest from the Transforming Construction Network + research team explores the role of industry / academia interaction in supporting the ongoing industry transformation. 


The digest describes the benefits and tensions of working with academics, and proposes some ways the tensions can be addressed.

Following the launch of our digest on Platform thinking, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar that explored the theory and practice of construction platforms with Dr Luigi Mosca, Toby Uppington of Aecom, and Trudi Sully from the Construction Innovation hub. You can watch the conversations again by clicking below.

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